Google Doodle: Roswell UFO Sighting

google-doodle-66th-anniversary-of-the-roswell-ufo-incidents-reportingIf you’re not familiar with the term ‘Google Doodle,’ it’s the name that they give those commemorative drawings as seen above.  But sometimes, they’re more than just a pretty picture, and the Doodle of the Roswell UFO sighting is one of those times.

As they have done in the past, Google brought us another game.  This time, we were able to point and click around a farm to help an alien find the parts of his space ship.

google-doodle-roswell-gameMuch to my bemusement, I found that there was a ET looking pit you could fall into.


The Google Doodle game


ET on the Atari 2600

The difference being is that ET was able to get out of the pit (by means of this weird flying thing he does with his neck) but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the alien to ascend.  Perhaps there is a keyboard command that’ll get him out of there…

Anyway, I just restarted the game, avoided the pit and was able to assemble the alien’s ship in about a minute.  The Doodle was a simple yet fun diversion and I highly recommend it.  You can find the Google Doodle archives here.  Enjoy!

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