"Nothing" by The Script (what in the hell is this song about, anyway?)

nothing-the-scriptMusical Artists: think long and hard before you title a song ‘nothing.’ Make sure that you really, really want ‘nothing’ to be the title of your tune because you’re leaving yourself wide open to all sorts of puns and ridicule just on that one facet alone. Then one hears the lyrics and the real comedy begins.

(There’s something about the chorus to this song that reminds me of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. I think it’s just that the heart of both hooks rock back and forth on two notes in a similar way – it’s not even the same size interval, but they sound very similar to me… That doesn’t have anything to do with what follows below, but when the hell am I ever going to talk about these too friggin’ songs again?)

Let’s see how long I can tolerate this before I put the brakes on:

Am I better off dead?
Am I better off a quitter?
They say I’m better off now
Than I ever was with her

As they take me to my local
Down the street
I’m smiling but I’m dying
Trying not to drag my feet

They say a few drinks will help me to forget her
But after one too many I know that I’m never
Only they can’t see where this is gonna end
They all think I’m crazy but to me it’s perfect sense

OK, OK, that’s enough. Jesus! I’ll tell you where the treasure is hidden, just stop torturing me!

College really comes flooding back when you read these sort of lyrics. So many mistakes… ending a sentence with an adverb? Dude, who talks like that? Who ends a line with ‘never?’ That’s just lazy – that’s not even a college mistake, that’s a grammar school mistake. I completely understand that many artists like to write their melodies first and then come up with lyrics later rather than go stream of consciousness, but wow. I also wish you’d settle on a rhyme scheme. Are we going A, B, A, B or A, B or… A, A or… not rhyming or what?

And my mates are all there trying to calm me down
‘Cause I’m shouting your name all over town
I’m swearing if I go there now I can change your mind, turn it all around

OK, at least I know what he’s talking about now and he’s rhyming in a way I can follow.

I know that I’m drunk but I’ll say the words
And she’ll listen this time even though they’re slurred
So I, dialed her number and confessed to her I’m still in love but all I heard was nothing

Huh. That’s not bad. Now that I read it and don’t have to understand the singer’s mutterings, this is way better than I thought.

So I stumble there, along the railings and the fences
I know if we’re face to face, she’ll come to her senses
Every drunk step I take leads me to her door
If she sees how much I’m hurting, she’ll take me back for sure

Wow, this is OK! I can’t believe it! This sounds like… lyrics in a song!

Wait, back to the hook? That was fast…

Oh, that’s it? No more original lyrics? Dude, you were on a roll! I was starting to accumulate some begrudging respect for you and YOU BLEW IT!

Well, that’s all there is. This song both sounds and reads almost entirely like it was written and performed by a drunk – there’s a moment of clarity there, but for the most part, it’s just a bunch of ramblings and vomit. Ramblings and vomit… now I’m humming “Party in the USA” again.

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