Snow White and the Huntsman (movie review)

snow-white-and-the-huntsmanIt doesn’t get any more surprising than Snow White and the Huntsman – at least, not for me. Between Kristen Stewart and the fact that this is an action movie based on Snow White, I wasn’t expecting much, but this is a solid action movie.

Despite the title of the film, I would guess that Charlize Theron (as Ravenna, the evil witch) has the most screen time out of anyone, and she gives a performance that is never over the top, but still intense. Chris Hemsworth has no trouble playing a character that is something of an anti-hero and Kristen Stewart – my God, Kristen Stewart closes her mouth a few times! It’s like she’s acting in this movie, and after sitting through those five Twilight movies, I was beginning to think she’d forgotten how.

Before I get into spoiler country, I’ll drop the score on ya: I give Snow White and the Huntsman a 7.5 out of 10. It’s not perfect, but it’s an entertaining action film.

spoilers ahead…

Everything isn’t executed perfectly in this film, but it gets the job done. I like the story, but at times, I felt the flick’s length. I enjoyed the various stages of makeup they did on Charlize Theron, which depended on how weak she was, and it was cool to watch her look jump around There was plenty of fun fantasy – the swamp that made characters hallucinate, that sanctuary forest, the enchanted army… lots of cool stuff wandering around this movie. Sure, it’s not all perfect, but for this sort of action movie, it’ll do. Kristen Stewart even gives a “rally the troops” speech, and it’s not bad at all! And, best of all, there doesn’t seem to be any way of turning this into a franchise, and that might be the best thing of all about this movie – it’s self-contained and there won’t be twenty sequels. Hooray for that!

If you like fantasy action with some decent story elements, I’d give Snow White and the Huntsman a look. I’m giving it a 7.5 out of 10.

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