Vegan at the Magic Kingdom

magic-kingdomOh Magic Kingdom, with your mountains and your spectacle and your castles… it doesn’t get much better than the Magic Kingdom, does it? And when it comes to being vegan, there are actually options! Nothing to get crazy over, but options!

Perhaps the fact that there are options at all is cause enough for celebration.

Around the park
If you poke around, you may come across some random fruit, fruit cups and, believe it or not, individually packaged pickles. They’re on the big side, but quite refreshing and tasty.

Main Street USA
My understanding is that the frozen fruit bars and popcorn found here and throughout the park is good to go, vegan style, but it might be worth digging into. For the fruit bars, it’s as simple as reading the labels, but you might have to talk to someone about the popcorn. Generally, though, I think mass popcorn is usually fine as no one uses actual butter on popcorn anymore – it’s just oil and salt, I think…

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
If you’re facing the castle, the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is the last store on your right at the end of Main Street. The last time I checked, they had Tofuti products and they were happy to whip out their allergy/ingredients book.

Tomorrow Land
I would guess the pretzels they sell around Tomorrow Land (the Lunching Pad?) are OK because… ya know, they’re pretzels. Although sometimes, they only have these pretzels that are filled with cheese, which probably have some dairy in them. (I say ‘probably’ because, for real, how much actual dairy is someone going to stuff inside pretzel filling grade cheese? I would guess not much, but probably some.)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
They’ve got the veggie burger hookup here, although you’ll have to ask for a vegan bun or just forgo the bun all together. We’re big fans of the fixins bar – we’re fairly certain the mushrooms are vegan, but you might want to ask. The veggie burger is nothing special, but it’ll do.

Liberty Square
Check out Liberty Square and it’s PLETHORA of options!

Liberty Tree Tavern
You’ll need a reservation to eat here. We had the veggie burger with vegan tzatziki sauce (they put the word ‘vegan’ on the menu!), which came with sweet potato fries, which were some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. The veggie burger was nothing special and the tzatziki sauce didn’t do anything for me, but at least they tried. (That’s not to say the veggie burger or tzatziki sauce were bad, they just weren’t especially flavorful in my opinion. I think Dr. Girlfriend enjoyed them much more than I did.)

Columbia Harbor House
This is where it’s at. I always go for the hummus sandwich, but you might want to inquire about the vegan credentials of the broccoli-slaw it comes with. They also have a vegetarian chili that’s very tasty.

Frontier Land
Whoa there with your giant turkey legs and what not! Apparently, there is a Mexican option that’s available seasonally, but I’ve never had it. It’s available right across from…

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
Like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, it’s a veggie burger and again, you’ll have to ask for a vegan bun or just forgo the bun all together. Same fixens, same deal.

Well, that’s about all I know of. Drop a comment if you have any corrections or additions!

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