Internet FAILS: Finding a gift

internet-failsEver search for something on the internet and not find it?  That’s bull donkey, right?  It’s the twenty-first century – hurry up and solve my problems, technology!  But no – today on Internet FAILS, I’ll try to find a gift for Dr. Girlfriend and have no luck.My first stop was, but all they had was a bunch of uncommon crap.

uncommongoods-com-birthday-giftsIf this is their money shot (and I lose the term loosely), then I don’t need to see any more.  They lost me at ‘the gratitude of lacking nothing’ necklace.

Pinterest said I should…  uhm… OK, I have no idea what this means.  Still not sure I understand exactly what Pinterest is or who it’s for.’s first suggestion was to check out Uncommon Gifts.  Yeah, next please. recommended a newspaper book full of things that happened on the day you were born, or, as I like to call it,”Here’s a coffee table book.  I know nothing about you at all and have no wish to learn.  Here’s something to flick through when you’re too sick to get off the couch.”  I could also call it ‘How to get intentionally dumped AND hit in the head with a heavy book,’ but let’s try not to encourage violence on what should be a day of celebration.

Yahoo recommends stereotype gifts for your special lady, like jewelry and perfume. does too – “Front-row tickets to her favorite musical. What girl doesn’t like theater?” recommends that you get the professional lady in your life a stapler that looks like someone sitting on a toilet.


Take it away, Q-Bert:


Well said.

NOTE:  other hilarious suggestions I saw included Pretty Woman (a film about a prostitute… who does prostitute stuff because her roommate’s a drug addict and lost all their money – happy birthday!), gardening gloves (“Happy Birthday, Honey!  Now get to work!”), perfume on just about every list (“Happy Birthday, Honey!  Quick, put this shit on, you smell!”), a sponge holder and an anniversary diary – presumably so your woman can keep track of how disappointing you are.

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