Man of Steel cross marketing campaign makes me ill (Truth in Advertising)

man-of-steel-gillette-advertismentThis is the worst thing to happen to Superman since… I dunno…. Superman III?  Superman IV?  Superman Returns?  When Superman died in the 90s and then came back to life with a mullet?

I guess the implication is that he’s so strong that no razor would be up to the task of trimming his mighty hairs (except Gillette, apparently), but as for me, I don’t know how Superman shaves and I don’t care.   But I’ll play their game for a second.  Maybe he uses his super face muscles to retract or expel the unwanted growth.  (And, for that matter, how does he cut his hair?)  Maybe he bounces his laser eye beams off some super hard surface and does it that way.  Or, maybe it has something to do with him being an alien with super powers who doesn’t exist and when the script says he has a beard, he has a beard, and when it says he’s clean-shaven, he just is!!

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