Iron Man 3 movie review

Iron Man 3 wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, but it was still a good time at the movies.

While we’ll see Iron Man again in the Avengers sequels, this will be the final solo adventure for the Armored Avenger. I guess I thought IM3 would be more in the vein of Dark Knight Rises, but this movie was a bit more fun and not nearly as dark. Even when Tony is at his lowest, he’s never really alone… not that any of his super powered buddies show up. (This movie makes you wonder why he doesn’t call in Captain America or SHIELD about a dozen times.)

This movie has impressive scope, action (in ways I didn’t see coming from characters/actors I didn’t think were this bad ass capable), visual effects and a story that’ll keep you in your seat. I wouldn’t recommend jumping in if you missed the first two installments, but Iron Man 3 isn’t just a genre flick – it’s a quality action movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ll want to stop ready now. Otherwise, meet me after the jump for more discussion!

Extremis! AIM!
I had no idea that the extremis thingy was going to be in the movie, so as a nerdy comic book fan, I was very excited to see this make it into the flick, as in, “That’s something I recognize from the comics!” Because apparently, that’s all it takes to invest me in a movie – show me something I know from another medium and we’re good. (The same goes for AIM – The Advanced Idea Mechanics have always been a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe, but usually from a gun or other hand held weapon, but whatever.) I also enjoyed how they tied in that first seen from a casual point of discussion in the first movie. On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure the movie really explains what Extremis is or what it does… something about utilizing the brain’s potential… which apparently includes (but is not limited to?) regrowing limbs, setting things on fire/breathing fire, super strength… etc. Anyway, something about the brain.

Iron Patriot!
I guess we were never going to see Iron Patriot int he movies anyway, so even if this is just the Iron Patriot in name only, it’s still fun for nerds like me.

No armor, no problem
Tony and Rhodey have a ton of action-stuff to do without their costumes. On the one hand, you go to see a movie called Iron Man to see Iron Man, but these scenes were still effective and fun. I guess it’s kinda pointless to cast international super star actors if you’re just going to cover their faces all the time.

So what’s the deal with the Iron Patriot suit? Can AIM just hack in and control it whenever it wants? Why couldn’t the President utilize it’s functions when he was inside it? Is it only coded to Rhodey somehow? I guess that’s it…

The Mandarin
When I saw the trailer, I remember thinking that the Mandarin didn’t look like I remembered from the comics, but whatever – it’s Ben Kingsley! That’s exciting in itself, but it’s also obvious that Ben Kingsley isn’t going to be punching anyone in the face, so I was looking forward to seeing that sweet Mandarin ring action, but of course, we didn’t get that. I’m sure lots of hardcore fans were disappointed, and I can certainly sympathize with this point, but I still enjoyed the movie.

So, at that point in the movie when all is revealed, I don’t think Guy Pearce really needed to scream, “I AM THE MANDARIN!” because the movie has kinda been beating us over the head with that fact for the last half hour or so. I guess that the non-comic book nerd may have thought that perhaps the Mandarin simply never existed and only served the purpose of creating the fear that Aldrich Killian desired to instill in… Tony? The American people? And to what end? I have no idea. As a comic book fan, I was certain that someone was the Mandarin and even if the Mandarin identity wasn’t real and Killian was simply the puppet master behind the scenes, that didn’t really matter to me because he was the one orchestrating the events that the Mandarin claimed responsibility for, so that, in effect, made him The Mandarin in my mind, even if he never bothered claiming the identity – but of course, he did. Very loudly.

“Get this prop off my chest!”
I have to wonder if Robert Downey Jr, got tired of having that light thingy on his chest all the time. Sure, having the arc reactor removed from his chest was a good way to close out the series, but I’m fairly certain that RDJ is under contract for two more Avengers movies… but whatever, it’s not like Rhodey has an arc reactor in his chest. Anyway, I felt like the end of the movie was hammering the idea home that Tony/RDJ was done with being Iron Man, and we all know that’s not true, so I’m not sure why they bothered.

Pepper’s dead!
Obviously, Pepper’s was not dead, everyone in the audience never thought she was dead for a second… blah. Not sure why they stuck that in the movie. I guess I wish Tony and Aldrich were debating about whether the Extremis formula had worked on her or not so some drama could have been injected into that sequence, but since it seemed like it’d been many, many hours since Pepper was at the “her body will either accept the drug and she’ll become extremis or it’ll reject it and she’ll die” point, so it never even occurred to me that she was dead until they played it that way, which was kinda lame, but whatever. Can’t Tony just be pissed that Aldrich put his girlfriend in this position and not pretend she’s dead? I guess not. Also, why didn’t Pepper’s clothes burn off? Are her clothes extremis, too? Just wishful thinking, I guess…

In any event,
I still enjoyed the movie and I think anyone who enjoyed the other Iron Man flicks will, too.

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