Vegan at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel

Our latest Walt Disney World vacation brought us to stay at the Contemporary Resort Hotel, which is my dream hotel from childhood – after all, a friggin monorail goes through the atrium! You can’t beat that, and, it turns out, this is my current favorite hotel on Walt Disney World’s property.

We didn’t have a lot of time to check out the hotel’s food, but the Contempo Café did have a flat bread offering with hummus, chickpeas and cherries that was very tasty. They also have some fruit available, so you can certainly make due here – and I am fairly certain I saw soy milk in their fridge and they also had some dry cereal lying around, so there are certainly solid vegan options here that don’t require any fuss. My understanding is that some of the other eateries at the hotel do offer vegan options or they will modify the food for you, but I haven’t experienced them first hand…

The Contemporary really shines when it comes to getting to the other parks. It’s only a five-minute walk to the Magic Kingdom (or you could take the monorail all the way around the lake, but that’s a bit time-consuming, yet fun) and you can take the monorail to the ticket and transportation center to get a different monorail to EPCOT. That might sound like a hassle, but believe me, by staying at the Contemporary, you can avoid taking the bus to two parks, and that is a fantastic thing. And, that brings us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, both of which you have to take the bus to, and your bus will stop at both the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Hotels before making their way to the parks, which is lame, but there it is. It’s better than taking a bus to all four parks! There’s also boat service, but I understand it’s very slow and doesn’t go to many destinations… maybe after it stops at other hotels, you can transfer to another boat that goes to EPCOT or DHS, but I imagine that’s an hour trip at least.

Besides two souvenir styled stores, there’s a general store that has drinks, snacks, booze and stuff like that. The shopping, escalator to the monorail platform and most (all?) of the dining is on the fourth floor.

The main pool is very kid friendly and I believe only four feet deep. There’s also a toddler… wet area? I don’t know what you call that, but I wouldn’t describe it as a pool, but just a fun place for the real little kids to beat the heat. There’s also a quiet pool that tops out at 5 feet deep, and that was a great place for us to relax, away from the pool games and general activity of the pool area. There is some beach area as well, but I couldn’t really tell if swimming in the Lagoon was practical or not, but there is certainly beach area to lie out on. While I’m mentioning the lagoon, I should briefly state that the light up water pageant swings by on most evenings (all evenings?) a little after 10 PM (10:10 PM?) – it’s essentially a small version of the Main Street Electrical Parade and it’s worth seeing once, but not something you really need to schedule your evening around.

Hotel Setup
One of my favorite things about the hotel setup is that unlike the other Disney World Resorts I’ve stayed at, it’s not a sprawling complex. When we stayed at the All Star Music Hotel (motel?), we were all the way in the back and had to walk for what seemed like hours to make it to the bus stop to get to the parks. It was brutal. We didn’t have to walk nearly as far when we stayed at two different spots in Port Orleans, but it wasn’t nearly as convenient as The Contemporary.

On the other hand, I felt like we spent a lot of time waiting for the elevator and their didn’t seem to be any stairs besides the exit only access stairs on the Magic Kingdom end of the hotel.

Staying at the Contemporary just made our stay easier and just more enjoyable overall because it was so easy and everything is centrally walking. Disney is heavy walking vacation and staying at the Contemporary cuts down on some walking, which is very welcomed. I highly recommend it.

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