Planned Parenthood might need help with their ad campaign (Truth in Advertising)

planned-parenthood-advertisementSo…  Planned Parenthood is keeping us safe for romance?  That… I don’t exactly know what that means.  It makes it sounds like Planned Parenthood will be fluttering around you at all times, as if they’re The Great Gazoo or something, help you get it on.

I presume they mean they’ll provide some means of birth control and screen you for STDs like STD testing Okc, etc… but I guess that doesn’t really pop on a banner ad.  It makes more sense to say ‘keeping you safe for romance,’ which sounds to me like, “Don’t forget to stretch before you bang!” or “make an appointment” so they can help you get in the proper shape so you don’t pull a muscle or something.

Maybe a better question is, why does planned parenthood need to run a banner campaign?  Do people really not know that planned parenthood exists?  I admit, I’m not really sure where my local branch is, but I’m sure a quick Google search would take care of that.  I guess it’s for the kids.  Kids these days, huh?  With the X-Box and the Facebook and the what not… and they don’t know… what the sex… is all about!

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