Superman vs. The Elite

superman-vs-the-eliteSince Batman:  The Animated Series debuted way back when, I’ve been a big fan of DC Comics’ animation wing.  They hit the bulls-eye almost every time.  However, the first 5 or so minutes of Superman vs. The Elite had me nervous, but slowly, the flick laid all of those fears to waste.

The animation style (which is not well represented by the poster image) didn’t grab me and it felt kinda out-of-place with the subject matter – at first.  You see, Superman vs. The Elite spends a lot of time discussing whether the ideals held by Superman are outdated or not and, if in a world with suicide bombings, war and more than its fair share of disregard for life still had a place for the Man of Steel.  With this struggle between old and new, the big, gawking frame of Superman juxtaposed against the scrawny physique of Manchester Black made for not just a conflict of ideals but a conflict of visuals as well.  Black’s idea of getting the job done at any cost (including murder) is in strict conflict with Superman’s moral code, and this makes for some interesting debate and a straight up killer ending that caught me by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting much after the first few scenes, and then this movie just kept getting better and better until they hit me with this image in the finale:


I’ve already given away too much!

I really enjoyed this movie.  It just assumes you know who Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are and just rolls with the story.  It treats complicated subjects with the dignity it deserves, so you find yourself taking this animated film about a guy in a silly cap and red booties fighting a monster-lady, a drunk magician, an overweight anime character and some guy who looks like he wishes he was the lead singer for The Clash very seriously.

In other words, I enjoyed Superman vs. The Elite immensely, and if dig animated super hero movies, you will, too.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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