13 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 5

star-trek-the-next-generation-communicator-badgeFor me, Star Trek The Next Generation really hit its stride in Season 5. This post will mention virtually every episode in the season, but there are thirteen that I prefer over the others – and I counted the two parters as single episodes. Anyway, let’s dive in!

This episode is so memorable to me. I love the idea of a species of beings who speak only in metaphor. It’s like they’re from the planet Shakespeare or something – a fantastic, original idea.

Ensign Ro
So, what do you think this episode is about?
Yeah, not a great title, but I like Ensign Ro very much. (And that’s her in Escape from LA, right?) And I like this episode – when Ro and Picard are walking through the refugee camp and Ro gives her jacket to a kid… it’s one of the better looking things we ever see on the show. Most stuff looks so fake on TNG, but the decision to just put some little set pieces in a real location in front of some hills went a long way to making this scene feel right, which gave the episode a lot of weight. When you combine all of this with the story and performances, I think they had the magic formula.

Silicon Avatar
I like any episode that’s Data heavy, but there are some cool shots in this one, and I like the end and how crazy that lady went.

The Game
There goes Riker again, always thinking with his junk. If you haven’t seen it or don’t remember, I won’t give anymore away. I will say that I love this episode, and it has Ashley Judd! (Love Ashley Judd!)

Unification parts 1 and 2
And speaking of guest stars, KA BOOM! Spock in the house! (“Indeed – you have found him.”) And you have to love that little conversation between Spock and Data.

A Matter of Time
TNG didn’t hardly even give us a character like Berlinghoff Rasmussen – he’s a welcome change of pace.

This is one of my favorites – again, love the mystery episodes!

Power Play
The climax of this episode is a group of people walking down a hallway at a moderate pace – and it is AWESOME!

Cause and Effect
This is one of my all time favorite episodes – again, love the nerdy mysteries!

The First Duty
This episode is ‘action packed,’ so to speak. Every scene is full of interesting stuff to the point that when you think back on it, you’d swear it was a two parter. Also, this episode has one of my favorite Picard speeches.

The Next Phase
This episode is Ensign Ro heavy and has a very Tom Sawyer-ish ending. Hmm, maybe the writers like Mark Twain…

The Inner Light
Like “The First Duty,” this episode feels like a two parter. If you’ve never seen it, go check it out RIGHT NOW. If you already have, you know how awesome it is. It’s all about the penny whistle!

Time’s Arrow parts 1 and 2
Yep, the writers like Mark Twain – they not only found a way to write him into the episode, but made him a major character. And I love how they wrote Guinen in – this episode has it all.


This episode should probably be under the ‘effing kids’ heading, but I’ve always found it memorable, and I enjoy the Troi sub plot very much.

The Masterpiece Society
They really get their money’s worth out of that cheap looking set, don’t they? It’s a little static, but still, there’s some interesting stuff going on here.

This episode is hit and miss for me in some spots, but it’s still pretty good. I like Worf and Crusher, but I can’t stand Alexander. It almost fell under the next category, but it does have some redeeming qualities.

New Ground

This is the one with the fire, right? Couldn’t Alexander just die in the fire so I don’t have to deal with him anymore?

Hero Worship
There’s some good stuff in this episode, but ugh, the effing kid. I like Data episodes, but this just didn’t work for me.

The Cost of Living
For the love of God, enough with Alexander! Is his dad a producer on the show or something?


I guess nobody on the TNG staff thought this was weird because they rehashed part of this plot for Star Trek Nemesis. I know rehashing episode plots was something they did a lot in the TNG movies, but this episode? Yeesh. I’m not so sure the TNG audience is a big fan of mind rape…

The Perfect Mate
Think some of the TNG writing staff is lonely? What a strange concept for an episode.

Imaginary Friend
I appreciated their attempt at making a horror episode, and the kids don’t really bother me in this one, but it just didn’t quiet work for me.

I, Borg
I know everybody likes this one, but Hugh just didn’t win me over. This one is just OK.

The Outcast
I appreciate what they were trying to do here, but the episode is heavy-handed as hell. It’s just beating us over the head with the message a little too hard.

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