10 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 4

star-trek-the-next-generation-communicator-badgeAh, how I love thee, Star Trek The Next Generation. In celebration of that love, here’s a list of my favorite episodes from Season 4.

Note: I already talked about “The Best of Both Worlds” in the TNG Season 3 post, so we’ll skip that one.

TNG didn’t make a ton of episodes that dove tailed off previous episodes. The show just wasn’t big on arcs, but here, we get to see the impact “The Best of Both Worlds” had on Picard. Very interesting, character driven episode!

Brent Spiner’s doing his thing, playing both Data and Lore and Dr. Noonien Soong! It’s just great fun, and, from a character standpoint, Data realizes he’s not inferior to Lore, despite not having the ability to feel true emotion.

Remember Me
I love the Dr. Crusher heavy episodes, and this one is my favorite, by far. I left “The Host” off the list because you folks don’t need to deal with my Dr. Beverly crush, but this episode is friggin awesome!

Future Imperfect
I love it when Riker gets frustrated, and this episode is certainly full of that! And, TNG mysteries are fun, so this episode is tailor-made for me.

Data’s Day
It’s just that – a day in the life of Data. Fascinating! And we get to see him make that horrible face when Dr. Crusher teaches him how to dance.

This episode is genius. I love the problem and the solution. It’s one of their better mystery episodes.

Galaxy’s Child
Although this episode is pushing the plot forward about this space dwelling alien, it’s really about Geordi and a previous episode, during which he met a holodeck version of Dr. Leah Brahms, but the real Dr. Leah Brahms shows up, and things get real. It’s good stuff.

Night Terrors
Again, love the TNG mystery episodes, and this one does not disappoint. We are always shouting “Where are you? I’m trying to find you! To tell you!” around the house. (Not a very flattering angle for Troy.)

The Nth Degree
Why’s this episode on the list? Because Barclay kicks ass, that’s why! There just weren’t enough Barclay episodes for my taste.

Any episode that features Q is a good one and like Barclay, there just weren’t enough Q episodes for my taste, but maybe that’s why they’re all so special.

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