Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant movie review

So… what do we have here? It’s talking fruit, that’s what! Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant is a comedy/action-adventure by Red Letter Media that… well… it’s something, put it that way.

An aging scientist leaves the front lines of war and is teaching college and his Alma mater. Here, we meet the students (a stoner, a jackass, a stripper and a cyberneticist) as well as some of the faculty, and finally, the evil eggplant guy. That’s part of the problem here – although the characters are fairly clear, it’s hard to get to know them beyond their stereotype. Mix in some pacing issues and the fact that only one character has a mouth that actually moves gives you a big bowl of something that can be tough to watch at times.

On the other hand, the practical nature of what’s happening is a lot of fun. I really like all of the sets and the character designs and some of the clever methods that were used to move characters around. The strip club was especially funny. However, I would have liked them to have gone a step further on the design of the zombies. Another thing that would have helped a lot was if they’d tried to do some mouth and eye moving animation in post production. Something that even looked like the first season of South Park would have helped a lot and maybe would have enabled some close-ups and other things to break up monotony.

The movie does address a lot of different issues, including violence, substance abuse and race. I particularly enjoyed one character telling another that they were “a fruitist!” (And he was totally being a fruitist!) On the other hand, I did get a bit confused when it came to how they were juxtaposing the fruit with our own human races.

Here’s the racial breakdown:

oranges = white people
apples = black people
bananas = middle eastern people
and the pears, lettuce and eggplant? No idea.

The story doesn’t really have problems, but I think the editing and pacing made me lose interest, and I do think the lack of character movement took me out of the movie. It’s not that the characters don’t move – in fact, sometimes they move a lot, and in these scenes, they might have held on some shots for too long because there was so much cool stuff going on, they just didn’t’ want to cut away – but changing expression meant they had to set up an entire new orange or apple (or whatever), and I guess that was too time consuming to do very often.

I can’t say this is a great movie, but if you like this sorta thing (or just like looking at movies like Team America: World Police), you should definitely check it out. I give Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant a 6 out of 10.

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