Iron Man 3 movie review – Mixers and Movie Reviews ep 3

After our first two episodes, I suddenly had a desire to mix it up and bring you a fully scripted skit that tells the story of what happens when two people disagree on a movie and things get out of hand.  Why?  Why not, I guess.  I imagine everyone is going to see Iron Man 3 anyway, and I get the feeling that it’s not going to be the sort of film that merits a lot of discussion, so whatever – I decided we should just punch each other instead of talking.

Just about everything was filmed over a 4+ hour day, during which I got a ton of help from Dr. Girlfriend, who manned the camera (shooting over 100 shots), George’s Misses (aka Alakazam), who was our script supervisor and extra set of hands (this included but was not limited to applying blood to my face and moving lights), and of course George, who had to throw a zillion punches and had stage direction firing at him from all sides.  As for me, after the first time I threw myself on the floor (we filmed this in order – mostly because I’m an idiot and not for any good reason, like make up continuity), I was in a ton of pain for the rest of the day.  There was another sequence that we filmed but I cut featuring a light saber fight.  The video came out all grainy, so I decided to leave well enough alone, but maybe I’ll put it all back together again, special edition style.  The spit blood was Hawaiian Punch and the blood on my face was corn syrup mixed with red and blue food dye.

The video is filled to the brim with references, so I made a list.


Angry Video Game Nerd –
the entire episode is, at best, a reference to the AVGN episode “Crazy Castle” and at worst a blatant ripoff.  (It also brings the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” episode to mind…)  I wrote the box thing in just to hammer the point home.

Street Fighter 2 –
What fight would be complete without some Street Fighter moves?  Street Fighter 2 is easily one of my top fight favorite fighting games – friggin awesome.  So, I had to throw a Shoryuken and  Tiger Upper Cut in there.

The Matrix/every cowboy movie ever
I was modelling this shot after the shot in The Matrix, and they modeled theirs after…  whatever cowboy movie happened to be lying around.  Shots like that are a Sergio Leone specialty.

Star Trek:  First Contact
I just like this scene and I had an opportunity to write it in, so I did.  If I could have fit “The line must be drawn here!  This far, no farther!” I would have.

Of course, Wolverine calls people bub in comics, TV and movies, but I think I was specially referencing the first X-Men movie.

Empire Strikes Back
The gun shaking around like Luke’s lightsaber, the “Impressive, most impressive” line George delivers.. that’s all Empire.

Who Am I?
The shin kicking references a scene in Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? where… two characters kick each other in the shins.  A lot.  I just like that movie – it’s underrated.

Apocalypse Now
I didn’t do a Marlon Brando delivery on the line “The horror!  The horror!” because it didn’t fit with the scene, but yeah, that’s why I threw that in there.  Love that flick, despite it’s non-vegan friendly ending.

Troll 2
“Oh my God!”  Just go to YouTube and search “Troll 2 Oh My God!” and you’ll get a million hits, all of the same thing.

Karate Kid Part 3
That whole ‘Quick Silver Fighting Method’ speech is from this movie.  What a fun movie – the villains are all out of their minds – it’s stupid and a complete retread of the first one, but the bad guys are insane, so it’s fun.

That ‘third rule in a crisis situation’ is how the heroes escape the bad guy at the end of Twins.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
When Casey Jones is getting his ass kicked by Tatsu, he tells him, “That’s gonna cost you, Tinker Bell!”  They’re cheesy, but I love his one liners.

Batman Forever
When George tells me that “That was for my father, mother, my brother!  And this one’s for me!” he’s just helping me replay the ending of Batman Forever – it’s the scene where Robin kicks Two Face’s ass.

THE “Warrior” SCENE
If this didn’t make any sense to you, then you’re lucky, because there was a point in time when you couldn’t go to the movies without hearing this song before the film started for several years.  It was driving me nuts, but I did appreciate the fact that it was upfront about telling people who joining the National Guard meant you would probably have to go over seas at some point, even though that makes no sense.  (Because it’s right in the name… National Guard!)  Anyway, I didn’t like Kid Rock before that song, and I fucking hate him now.

This was filmed using a Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.   We used three lights: an old ground row light, a 1000 LED light and a 500 LED light.  We used the mic camera mic instead of the boom mic like we usually do.  I decided that because of all the action, the mic would just get in the way and eat up time and although the boom mic performs well on its own, it doesn’t work well with this particular camera.  I looped one or two lines.  Some of the sound effects are stock, but a few I created, foley style.  I created all of the titles in Adobe Premier, but I did some additional work in Adobe Photoshop as well.

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