Gorilla Interrupted movie reivew

A scientist, a hunter, a punk rocker and a guy who turns into a gorilla when he gets mad are living in suburbia when alien’s show up to steal the scientist’s greatest invention and use it to destroy the earth – yeah, that’s Gorilla Interrupted for ya.

"A scientist, a hunter, a punk rocker and a guy who turns into a gorilla when he gets mad" sounds like it should be followed by "walk into a bar," but as I mentioned, they’re attacked by aliens. There’s some laughs here and some funny effects – hmm. It’s hard to explain the charm that Gorilla Interrupted conveys. It helps that the characters are seemingly aware that they’re in a ridiculous situation (well, the hunter might not be aware), so this helps the audience understand what they’re seeing. After all, it is a movie with dudes in rubber alien masks – not to mention the devil. Yeah, the devil – and there’s a line in this movie where someone yells out "Holy shit! Monkey Man’s gonna fight Satan!" It’s that kinda movie.

For the most part, I enjoyed the movie, particularly the first act – it flowed nicely. The movie experiences some pacing issues as it goes on, particularly in the climactic scene in hell where they just kept cutting to things because the scene was underdeveloped and there just wasn’t anything else to do… Still, it’s not like it’s Birdemic or something – far from it. Overall, Gorilla Interrupted is a good time. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

If you’re not familiar with Red Letter Media, they’re the guys who bring you the Plinkett Reviews and Half in the Bag as well as Best of the Worst. This Gorilla Interrupted Remastered Edition DVD includes a documentary about the original shoot and the new version entitled How Not to Make a Movie, which essentially gives you the sage piece of advice that trying to make a feature length film in 7 days with four people that have the flu is probably not going to be a good time.

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