11 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3

star-trek-the-next-generation-communicator-badgeI’m finally getting back to the Star Trek The Next Generation countdown! Today, I’m taking a look at my favorite episodes of Season 3! I feel that this is the season where the show really hit its stride and found it’s identity and went from good to great. Here they are, the 11 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 (mostly in order of appearance). Why 11 instead of 10? Because season 3 is just that good.

“Who Watches the Watchers”
Part of this plot got recycled into the feature film Star Trek: Insurrection. I guess it’s that good – and this episode might not have the action that Insurrection has, but it’s certainly has better writing.

“Booby Trap”
This is the one where the Enterprise gets stuck in a trap set for starships and Geordi has to work with a holodeck representation of one of the Enterprise’s designers, who he falls in love with. It’s weird, but interesting.

“The Defector”
In this episode, a Romulan defector arrives on the Enterprise to warn of a coming invasion that threatens the quadrant with war… and it was a trap to test the defector’s loyalty. He sacrificed everything because he thought a war with the Federation would be stupid and the Romulans laid a trap for him that he couldn’t resist. This episode might make my all time favorites list.

“Déjà Q”
Q is stripped of his power and becomes a human and discovers eating. Any Q episode is a good time.

“A Matter of Perspective”
I love trial episodes, and this episode features great face palms from both Picard and Riker!

“Yesterday’s Enterprise”
This episode is the shit! It’s one of my favorite episodes of any TV show, ever. It’s awesome. It should be in a museum.

“The Offspring”
Data wants a kid, so he makes one. Intriguing!

“Hollow Pursuits”
My favorite side character, Lt Barkley, is hiding from reality in the holodeck… with fictional versions of his shipmates. Hilarious antics ensue.

“Captain’s Holiday”
Picard goes on a vacation, but his paths cross with an antiquities hunter with a taste for adventure… and danger. (that’s right, I elipsied ‘danger’ – deal with hit)

“The Most Toys”
For some reason, I just love the rich asshole who plays the collector and his bizarre desire to keep Data sitting in a chair in his lounge.

“The Best of Both Worlds”
The Borg kidnap Picard, assimilate him and use him as a counterpart between themselves and humanity. That is how you end a season!

You might be surprised I didn’t pick “Sarek,” and I love the character, so I was tempted, but the episode is extremely predictable, even for a an episode of Star Trek. Good performances, just not what I’m looking for in a story.

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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jscome on the survivors had to be allways on your list.

    • You’re right, I do like this episode and it’s a good one, however, a few things have always bothered me about it. For one thing, once the audience learn who Kevin is, I’m always surprised that he let the Enterprise crew find him in the first place. It seems well within his powers to hide himself and let everything else disappear. And Kevin’s ruse to make the Enterprise go away seem beneath his intelligence and experience. I think I would have found it more effective if they would have hired a much younger actor – Picard sure does deduce and outsmart him fairly easily – and Kevin’s attack on Troy seems out of line with his vow

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