The Beautician and the Beast quick movie review

beautician_and_the_beast_movie_posterI’ve got to be straight with you – I don’t care for Fran Drescher. It’s the voice, really… also, everything about her show, The Nanny, drives me nuts. I have a friend who hates her so much he created an entire parody pamphlet that centered around Drescher being they way she is because of her association with pirates… anyway, what I am saying is, I don’t care for Drescher, my friends don’t care for Drescher, and yet The Beautician and the Beast is… tolerable. Let’s go with tolerable.

This flick costars Timothy Dalton (Bond – James Bond!) during his weird “I’m playing non-British Europeans” phase and Lisa Jakub from Mrs. Doubtfire. The film is well cast, but either the script is not especially well written or the director didn’t know how to convey the passing of time, because this movie is awkward as hell. See, as human beings, we get to know each other over time and pick up the subtleties of who we are as people. That happens in this movie, but it happens seemingly between breakfast and lunch rather than over weeks or months. The movie has an uneven flow, but you can still enjoy it as it’s not the most complicated story in the world. And, if you like hammy romance, The Beautician and the Beast is right up your alley – it’s beyond predictable, but I’m giving it an extra half a point for not killing the chicken.

The Beautician and the Beast isn’t going to win any awards, but you can watch it without wanting to poke your eyes out or stuff your ears with cotton balls or something. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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