Easter Parade (quick movie review)

easter-parade-1948We watched Easter Parade on Sunday evening, which had us digging into the vault and going way back to 1948. I’m usually not one for musicals, but Easter Parade is easy to watch.

The initial part of the opening scene is Fred Astaire walking down a sidewalk and singing good morning to people, and I got to tell ya, this had me very nervous. The prospect of another two hours of this sort of scene had my mental monologue screaming, “Where the hell is that bottle of wine?” Fortunately, the movie changed course almost immediately and brought us a wonderful scene of Astaire tricking a kid out of a stuffed Easter bunny via drumming. “That’s more like it,” I thought. Of course, they went right back to their musical ways in the next scene with Astaire and Ann Miller singing and dancing around in their apartment, but outside of Peter Lawford singing to Judy Garland about his part in the plot, that’s really about it in terms of forced singing/spontaneously choreographed dance numbers because within the reality of the movie, Astaire, Garland and Miller all play stage performers whose specialty is dancing, so nearly all of the other performances take place on a stage or in a rehearsal space.

The performances are all fun to watch, despite the fact that Garland is a much better singer than she is a dancer – but she doesn’t embarrass herself or anything as she’s quite light on her feet, but everybody doesn’t look like a great dancer when they’re standing next to Astaire, who is apparently in his forties in this movie and still hopping all over the place and putting tremendous pressure on his knees, although the dude does look like he weighs maybe 150 soaking wet. Of course, no one in the movie can sing like Garland, and Lawford’s song kinda pales in comparison to the other vocalists.

The plot isn’t anything special, but this movie is all about the performances and the bright colors. The slow motion scene of Fred Astaire dancing on stage is especially memorable and worth watching for just that scene alone. Check out Easter Parade if you get the chance – it features the craziest collection of hats you’ll ever see.

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