Despicable Me (quick movie review)

despicable_me_movie_posterIt’s not as good as The Incredibles, but Despicable Me is still a great film and it certainly makes my list of favorite animated features.

Despicable Me could have easily been a terrible movie, but everyone involved did a great job of taking a concept and pushing it to the limit.  The flick doesn’t feature much in the way of story telling, but everything in this movie is just so likable (especially Steve Carell as Gru) that it doesn’t matter.  Off hand, I would say that cuteness is not enough to get a movie to where it need to be, but in the case of Despicable Me, I guess that’s not true.  The movie has a lot of heart in an… elemental way, I suppose.  Even when he’s bad, you still like Gru, and if his reason for his changing feelings toward his adopted daughters is flimsy at best, you won’t care.  The characters are that likable and the movie is just that darn funny and cute.  So, this isn’t so much a review of Despicable Me as it is a ringing endorsement.  Check it out.

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