The Incredibles (quick movie review)

the-incredibles-dvd-coverThe Incredibles has quickly become one of my favorite movies of all time and is certainly my favorite digitally animated movie. From the big picture to the little details, The Incredibles has it all. The movie has amazing visuals, great voice performances, a wonderful, witty script (even the throwaway stuff in the background is gold, such as “Every time they run, we take a shot!” or “I may be below you, but nothing is beneath me!”) – hell, even the score is amazing. It’s truly a movie that will satisfy every member of the family as the jokes will please both kids and adults while the stuff that goes over the kids’ heads they’ll never even notice but the adults will appreciate. And how can you go wrong with a French villain named Bomb Voyage? You can’t.

You can’t.quick movie reviews

The Incredibles gets our highest recommendation – Dr. Girlfriend and I are united on this, and we strongly recommend you see this movie as soon as possible. It’s totally worth buying as the rewatch value is very high for us. Check out it!


A few quick words on this trailer:
This is the only trailer I remember seeing for this movie, and it’s HORRIBLE.  Not only does it feature an awkward “suiting up” scene that didn’t make it into the movie, but it’s just one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen.  This movie is brilliant and the trailer doesn’t convey any of the things that make this movie so special and is the reason why I never entertained seeing this movie on the big screen.

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