Selling Jesus Door to Door

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of churches and I guess three competition is fierce for patronage in a world with dwindling church attendance.  Some guy dropped this off:


Wow, Jesus looks great!  Looks like he just got a hair cut and his beard trimmed!  In fact, I think I know where the artist got his inspiration from…


Yep, it seems to be Mark from The RoomHow the hell did that happen?

Speaking of hell, this is just one more post that probably confirms my final destination.

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  1. Jamie, you pointed out that Christians sometimes caricature Jesus in the same image as themselves. Based on the Bible, Jesus most likely had short hair and olive skin since He was born in the Middle East.

    You mentioned that your post confirms your final destination. The Bible clearly teaches that all of us, no matter how righteous we try to be, deserve hell. However, the good news is that Jesus died in your place and offers eternal life to you freely. He forgives us no matter what we do if we are willing to turn from our evil ways and follow Him in obedience. This is the good news. Take care.

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