5 Band Names that are up for grabs!

music-reviewsDoes your band need a name?  Turns out, I’m your guy.  Who knew, right?  Here are a few band names that popped into my head over the last 24 hours.  Take them and do what you will, but most importantly, ROCK ON!

Green Screen Dancing Scene
This is probably a Black Eyed Peas parody group.

Suicide Phase
A throwback to Nirvana.

Potus McGoatus
One of those punk bands that has one dude who plays the bagpipes for some reason.

Garage Mirage
You guessed it – a garage band.

Milky White Mountains
Whew… so many different ways to go, and they’re all perverted.

Apparently, I’m a big believe in band names rhyming.

Please feel free to suggest your own band names in the comments below!

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