Darth Vader Alarm Clock is NOT Strong with the Force

Some items don’t need to be made.  As I touched on in the Spider-Man pogo stick post, I understand why a brand is paired with a product (to make money), but it doesn’t have to be done badly.   Like this Darth Vader Alarm Clock.  This is crap.

darth-vader-alarm-clockSo why does it suck so bad?  Because it barely does anything!

Maybe my standards are high, but it’s the 21st Century – my cell phone has more power computing power than the Apollo modules that flew to the moon!  And this damn thing doesn’t do a damn thing!

Well, it does a few things:

  1. it’s a functioning alarm clock
  2. the lightsaber lights up and makes the lightsaber noise
  3. it makes the Darth Vader breathing noise

That’s it.

Maybe that’s all that one would expect, but come on!  Again, 21st Century!  Even my He-Man tooth-brush talked, and that was over twenty-five years ago!  Why can’t the alarm go off and then Darth Vader could say, “Get up!  It is useless to resist!  Don’t make me destroy you!”  or anything!

That is weak sauce.

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