Dress Up for Boys is Kinda Extreme

Girls have had the market corned on dress up for a long time, but now boys can get into the act.  Except… they might be doing it wrong.  Check out these photos after the jump…



I’m all for boys dressing up and having a good time.  It looks like fun!  (As you may know, I dress up like Batman sometimes…)  But this might be taking it too far.  Do the boys have to be so well armed?  Nunchucks, throwing stars, katanas and sais… sheesh.  Some arsenal.  At least the cop suit doesn’t come with a gun, but the fact that it says S.W.A.T. across the kid’s chest really ought to be enough to get the job done.  Assuming the “job” is accidentally getting shot, because at this point in the 21st Century, it’s probably not the best idea to send the little boys out there brandishing swords or wearing tactical gear.

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