Enough already with the Angry Birds!

angry-birds-video-games-star-wars-seasons-rio-magic-spaceBy my count, there are six different Angry Birds video games.  From the original, variations on the original to licensed properties,  Angry Birds has enough titles to shake a stick at.  (Whatever that means.)  But, as I am fond of saying, it doesn’t end there.There are also several practical Angry Birds games – board games, that is.


I mean, obviously:  what’s more fun than adopting a video game to a board game?  It’s always worked out so well when it’s done the other way around – remember those console classics in the presence of Monopoly and Life?  Boy, those were so much fun!

But it doesn’t end there.

And why should it?  There’s more money to be made.  Kids like Angry Birds, kids like snacks, so… KA BOOM!

angry-birds-fruit-snacksYep, Angry Birds fruit snacks.  Brilliant.  But why settle for just one version of Angry Birds fruit snacks?  There’s more than one version of the game, so…


Yep.  This.

Now I remember other licensed products (like the Nintendo Cereal System), but it’s not as though Angry Birds is this amazing, immersive experience – it’s just this game to play on your phone when you have nothing else to do.  It’s my occasional alternative to the commercials they play at movie theaters before the coming attractions start.  But that’s it – the game doesn’t get me excited about… anything.  It’s just a diversion from nothing, which is true for most apps and mobile games, but Angry Birds is truly the third string of entertainment.

And I don’t need to eat it.

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