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Despicable Me (quick movie review)

despicable_me_movie_posterIt’s not as good as The Incredibles, but Despicable Me is still a great film and it certainly makes my list of favorite animated features.

Despicable Me could have easily been a terrible movie, but everyone involved did a great job of taking a concept and pushing it to the limit.  The flick doesn’t feature much in the way of story telling, but everything in this movie is just so likable (especially Steve Carell as Gru) that it doesn’t matter.  Off hand, I would say that cuteness is not enough to get a movie to where it need to be, but in the case of Despicable Me, I guess that’s not true.  The movie has a lot of heart in an… elemental way, I suppose.  Even when he’s bad, you still like Gru, and if his reason for his changing feelings toward his adopted daughters is flimsy at best, you won’t care.  The characters are that likable and the movie is just that darn funny and cute.  So, this isn’t so much a review of Despicable Me as it is a ringing endorsement.  Check it out.

The Incredibles (quick movie review)

the-incredibles-dvd-coverThe Incredibles has quickly become one of my favorite movies of all time and is certainly my favorite digitally animated movie. From the big picture to the little details, The Incredibles has it all. The movie has amazing visuals, great voice performances, a wonderful, witty script (even the throwaway stuff in the background is gold, such as “Every time they run, we take a shot!” or “I may be below you, but nothing is beneath me!”) – hell, even the score is amazing. It’s truly a movie that will satisfy every member of the family as the jokes will please both kids and adults while the stuff that goes over the kids’ heads they’ll never even notice but the adults will appreciate. And how can you go wrong with a French villain named Bomb Voyage? You can’t.

You can’t.quick movie reviews

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Mixers and Movie Reviews Episode 2 – coming Monday-ish


I’m fairly certain that episode 2 of Mixers and Movie Reviews will be available on Monday, April 1st.  Our spring episode will feature Skittles Vodka and the films Django Unchained and Hop.
See you then!

Useless Receipt


I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass, but seriously, what am I supposed to do with this?  Next time, just save the paper and don’t bother giving us a receipt.

FAKE EMAIL: Twilight

Our new feature explores emails that might have been sent by fictional characters or in fictional universes, etc.   You’ll get the idea…

FROM:  Edward

TO:  Bella

SUBJECT:  last night at my house – music!

Yo Bells,

What up?  Thanks for coming by the house last night and meeting the fam!  I know it’s all happening kinda fast, but that’s how one does things when one is immortal!  Glad nobody ate you!  =)

So we didn’t really get a chance to talk about music all that in-depth last night.  (Climbing trees is fun!)  What are your favorite bands?  Songs?  Do you like Gaga?  (I assume ‘yes’ because of your poker face!)


What instrument do you play?  I mean, I just assume you at least attempt to play an instrument because you love music so much…  As you know, I play the piano (I’ve had plenty of time to practice!), but I’d love to tickle your ivories!  (Get it?  Get it?  It’s a reference to your teeth because I’m a vampire and… I want to be erotic with your teeth?  OK, I’ve lost my train of thought… need more blood… must go hunt…)

Write back or hit me up on Twitter!  @edfastsucka

Mixers and Movie Reviews Ep 1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Prometheus

As advertised, the first episode of Mixers and Movie Reviews is here!  I know The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Prometheus aren’t exactly hot off the presses, but they’re two movies that merit discussion – under the influence of a coconut mojito, that is. Read the rest of this entry

Selling Jesus Door to Door

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of churches and I guess three competition is fierce for patronage in a world with dwindling church attendance.  Some guy dropped this off:


Wow, Jesus looks great!  Looks like he just got a hair cut and his beard trimmed!  In fact, I think I know where the artist got his inspiration from…


Yep, it seems to be Mark from The RoomHow the hell did that happen?

Speaking of hell, this is just one more post that probably confirms my final destination.

Let sleeping dogs lie


All of my dogs go back to sleep after breakfast.  Lucky dogs!  And yet, if we want to sleep in, they bitch and moan about being fed on time.  Go figure.

Mixers & Movie Reviews episode 1 coming Monday


I am pumped to debut Mixers & Movie Reviews episode 1 this Monday!  Why watch a typical movie review show when you can watch one that teaches you how to make a drink and features commentary on flicks by drunk people?  It’s win freaking win, baby!

Come on back here on Monday and experience the power of two drunk dudes debating nonsense!

Daily GIF (Mar 20)

Remember when I said, “I doubt I’ll actually do this every day?”  Wow, I sure do know me.

Anyway, if you’re on the east coast, here’s your morning GIF – and if you’re on the west coast, well, then, go back to bed!  If you’re located somewhere in between or not in the continental United States,then I apologize as I have no idea what time it is by you.  Check out the GIF after the jump… Read the rest of this entry

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (The Worst Movies Ever)

birdemic-shock-and-terrorI teased the Birdemic review a few days ago, so here it is, as promised.  (Or threatened.)

In an attempt to remake The Birds with a bunch of quasi environmental and political messages, we get Birdemic:  Shock and Terror, a film that’s so bad, it gets honorary placement on our The Worst Movies Ever list.  Welcome, Birdemic! Read the rest of this entry

5 Band Names that are up for grabs!

music-reviewsDoes your band need a name?  Turns out, I’m your guy.  Who knew, right?  Here are a few band names that popped into my head over the last 24 hours.  Take them and do what you will, but most importantly, ROCK ON! Read the rest of this entry

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