I know what I’m getting these Obama protestors for Christmas


These anti-Obama protestors clearly know that the election is over (but not that it’s winter – despite the snow – as they’re not wearing coats) as they are advocating impeachment for President Obama, but I’m going to get them a calendar for Christmas anyway.  See, it’s much easier to try to swing people’s votes in a place where elections are close (presidential elections are not close in my area) than it is to pressure local citizens to pressure their representatives in congress to impeach a president.  Besides, impeachment doesn’t throw an official out of office, it just puts them on trial, and if they lose the trial they could be removed from office, but they may not necessarily be kicked to the curb.

I’m just assuming that the goal of people who can’t figure out that they need a coat during winter must be more than a trial – I’d think they’d be advocating for full removal from office because they must be serious folks with a point to make if they’re standing out in the snow in February in a town with a population less than 10,000… blah.  I thought about interviewing them, but my veggie delight sandwich was getting soggy, so I bounced.

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