Truth in Advertising: Ford

It’s been a long time since we last walked down this road, but today, we’ll give Truth in Advertising another whirl.

ford-escape-my-life-advertismentHere we have Ford’s new campaign, “Escape my life!” which I believe is about a woman who has a new Ford… and I guess she’s using it to escape her life… or something.  It’s a new phase in advertising as this campaign is based around a web series rather than a traditional print, commercial and radio campaign, but why anyone would want to watch a web series that makes no attempt to hide the fact that it’s selling something is hard for me to understand – but, I guess we have to respect their honesty.

Hmm… the campaign is called “Escape my life!” and the woman seems to be intentionally driving without using her hands…  You know, as a former Ford customer, I wouldn’t necessarily call them the most value retaining vehicles on the road today, but my car certainly doesn’t make me want to kill myself.  (On the other hand, I am patiently waiting for the car to die…)  I’m sure that’s not the point, and I’m sure they’re not saying their cars are death traps (“Hey, don’t bother steering – you’re screwed no matter what!”), but this might not be the best image for them to use in this campaign.

Just saying.

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