Men of Honor (quick movie review)

men-of-honorA few phrases come to mind when I think of Men of Honor:  over the top; heavy-handed; good movie.  But certainly not ‘great movie.’

The movie is 129 minutes long, but some of it still feels undeveloped.  I positively HATE that the movie starts off with Robert De Niro all mangled and in handcuffs at a later point in the story.  It’s my least favorite movie device and almost no movie pulls it off.  I also hate that the movie tells us how De Niro got beat up instead of showing it – not to mention that it doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the movie.

Even if the performances are a little over the top, it fits with the movie, and the actors do their best to sell it.  The characters just aren’t developed to my satisfaction, and I feel the same way about the story. For example, the rehab sequence for Cuba Gooding, Jr. seems much too short and  Charlize Theron is wasted.

It’s worth a watch, but Men of Honor is nothing special.

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