Gangnam Style is not the same thing as Gundam

I’m not too fast on the uptake when it comes to popular culture.  I do OK when it comes to movies, but otherwise, I usually don’t know what everyone is talking about – such was the case with Gangnam Style.  Except I thought I did.

I don’t hear so well – it’s not serious, but I certainly don’t have whatever the equivalent of 20/20 vision is for hearing.  I thought everyone was saying Gundam, which is, apparently, not the same as Gangnam.


I heard this.


You were saying this.


You were referring to this.

I’m caught up now.  But there’s more to be said!

Yeah, I have to admit, I really thought that “Gangnam Style” was referring to some relatively obscure anime show (well, obscure in America) called Gundam and… I don’t know, I guess I just thought it had suddenly taken the world by storm.  Now I know I was wrong – we’re talking about K-Pop.  I’m glad I at least already know what that is – Korean Pop music

This.  Got it.

But what the hell does “Gangnam Style” refer to specifically?  It’s two things and I now know what they both are, which is a huge step into the realm of communicating with real people for me – now I know what you’re talking about!  Hooray!

FIRST, and this probably doesn’t need to be said, but “Gangnam Style” seems to be what everyone is calling the silly horse riding dance that the “Gangnam Style” singer Psy is doing.  I’ve seen people doing that at parties for years (along with the thing where one dancer pretends to be fishing and the partner pretends to be a fish, and the first dancer reals the partner in), so not sure why that’s a big deal, but whatever.

SECONDLY, “Gangnam Style” refers to a specific region in Seoul, South Korea, called Gangnam-gu, and I guess Psy thinks people who live there are douches and is making fun of them in the same way Weezer was making fun of similar rich people in their song “Beverley Hills,” except the latter is not nearly as catchy or fun.

Well, that’s everything I know and was afraid to ask about “Gangnam Style” – and Gundam and Gangnam-gu, for that matter.  So now that I know who Psy and Pitbull are, I’d like to see these two guys collaborate on a single.


Unite the sunglasses!

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