Check out Stereo Telescope’s new album On and Running [music pick]


Boston’s Stereo Telescope (who I’ve written about before) have dropped their first full length album, and it rocks VERY HARD.  I’m sure Oprah thought she was all pimp with her book club, but On and Running is the first official music pick!

Stereo Telescope’s music has a ton of personality – no, I’d say it’s more than that, their music has identity.  Personality seems to imply that it’s just an aspect of something, but this album is more like somebody you know rather than just one thing you know about a specific person.  It’s that big.  I love the Atari synth voices, the doubled arpeggios on the keyboards and guitar, the layered vocals, the doubling of the melody from singers Kurt Schneider and Nikki Dessingue when  not harmonizing – it all just hits the spot, and it’s a gigantic sound, which I love.

I don’t know how else to say it – On and Running gets me pumped up.  I want to go exercise… or run for congress… or something after I listen to this album.  You have to check it out!

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