Monopoly has more versions than… uhm…

Star Wars!  Yeah, that’ll do.  Monopoly has been modified more times than Star Wars.   Look, I’ll prove it!  And I can do better than Star Wars Monopoly.


Yes, I’ve got more in my bag than Edna Krabappoly


BOOM!  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  And I couldn’t even get them all in the photo – yes, you are understanding me correctly.  This picture does NOT feature every version of Monopoly.

That is fucked.

I’ll spare you the pain of going through every single version, but here are a few of my favorites from the wall.


Sure, there’s Dog-opoly, if you’re willing to let just any ol’ dog into your game, but Labrador enthusiasts require their own game, and they’ve got it.


Is all of this monopoly making you crazy?  Then relax with a nice bottle of Chianti and play Wine-Opoly.  Or just get drunk.  Either way.


Just in case you don’t see the Monopoly game for you up on the wall, you can do your own thing with Make-Your-Own-Opoly.  I don’t know why you’d want to, but there you go.


And, in case you hate Monopoly, there’s Anti-Monopoly, because fuck Monopoly, that’s why.  Or, judging by the tag line, it’s a different version of Monopoly where you buy a bunch of property, get fabulously wealthy, sell stock in your company, then the price drops and Congress shows up and bales you out.

Or go with The Game of Life.  Whatever.  After this, I never want to look at another Monopoly board again.


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  1. I want to own Edna-Krabappoly. I’m sure it’s great. 😉

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