Vegan Buffalo Chicken


I’ve tried a few different Vegan Buffalo Chicken brands, and if you ask me, they’re all about the same.  This one is ok, but none of them come with sauce, and they report should.  They’re not dry, and they are spicy, but they’re missing something, and I’m pretty sure it’s sauce.

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  1. I was never a wing person. When I started dating Nor and he still ate meat, we would joke about how there was really no polite way to eat chicken wings. Regardless of how appropriate you’re trying to be, at the end of the day you’re still sucking meat off a bone with sauce all over your face and fingers. There is truly no polite way to do it. Nor was the most gracious wing-eater I’d seen, and to this day he is the only person I’ve ever seen eat a tray of buffalo wings and not be completely smeared with sauce and grease at the end of that ordeal.

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