New short film coming soon!


Much thanks to the gallant performers for their hard work yesterday.  More on this in a bit…

Actors Dan Conrad and Greg Vorob trekked over to drop their skills on this one scene sketch that took around three hours or so to film.  We did 4-ish different angles and a few other shots, so I’ll have plenty of coverage to weed through and hopefully, this will help keep the otherwise static scene moving as the room is  small and the script confining, meaning that there isn’t much room to work with.  Or, from an actor’s point of view on being confined to a chair for an afternoon, “Easiest blocking ever.”  Anyway, it’s time for me to start doing my share of the heavy lifting as the editing process starts.

I’m hoping to have this finished on February 4th – that’s the first Monday in the month and seems like as good a goal as any.

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