Daredevil: End of Days is the shit [comic book review]

daredevil-end-of-daysThe miniseries still has a way to go, but so far, Daredevil:  End of Days has impressed me in a way that a short run book hasn’t done for a long time.I never know where the story is going, and I love that it’s told via reporter Ben Urich.  Now, I’ve certainly read Marvel stories told from Urich’s perspective before, but this time… I don’t know.  It’s different.  It helps that he’s not just reporting another story; this is a big story (I don’t want to give it away) – and, he’s about to lose his job as his paper is going out of business, so there’s finality, a weight to his character that has never been there before.  It’s sort of like one of those heist movies, where the career criminal is doing one last job before he retires – this is Urich’s big pay day.

Oh, and then there’s the art:


I love this.  What is this – watercolors?  And double splash pages are awesome.

Check this out – I’m loving it so far and it gets my highest recommendation.

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