Damn it, Kindle…


Every once and a while, my kindle will decide that its best function is to take up space.  It just sits there and shows me this screen in what I assume is an attempt to remind me that I need to spend more time reading outdoors.  I don’t know what causes this (automatic updates?) and I certainly don’t know what fixes it (positive thinking?), but eventually, the situation resolves itself of its own accord.  In the meantime, I am frustrated… And  reminded that a proper book has been state of the art since the printing press was invented.  Still, the kindle is a great device that I can’t help but recommend in one fashion or another.

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  1. Ah Kindle… making it that much more complicated to do something that before required the licking of a finger and flipping of a page.

    Despite being reliant on Technology for 95% of my life… I’ve refused to do e-books.

    • The light weight of the kindle won me over. (hate reading hardcovers) and I bought this stand that lets me read without holding it… Love that. My hands get tired after a while

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