Three 2013 Calendars that actually exist

The hard copy calendar is one of those things that I can never decide if I need or not.  Nevertheless, there are still a bizillion options on what to hang on your wall, each crazier than the next.  Here they are, in no particular order

1.  The Chuck Norris Calendar


I guess this one was inevitable.  The popularity of Chuck Norris Facts/Jokes seems to be waning, but not going away.  I preferred the Walker Texas Ranger lever, but whatever.

2.  Laughter is the Cure


As someone who’s been through some medical issues, I can tell you that laughter is not the cure – particularly to the problem shown above.  You can’t laugh off a head injury.  I just don’t get this one – is the idea to ward off suicide with bad jokes?  I bet this calendar causes more depression than it heals.

3.  Michelle Obama


That is one sexy first lady, and now you can look at her.  All.  Year.  Long.  I just assume that the FBI automatically opens a file on you if one purchases this calendar.  Tread lightly, folks – those arms are hot, but don’t let them get you a ticket to a federal pen.


What calendar roundup would be complete without ass?!?


That’s right – it’s an entire corner of sweet ass calendars.  What do you prefer an emphasis on:  ass?  bathing suits?  one woman?  two women?  lingerie?  Odds are, your calendar fetish needs can be met.


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