6 Movie Box Sets Available for Christmas

From the practical to the absurd, there’s plenty of movie box sets available this Christmas.

6.  Men in Black Trilogy


$20 per Blu Ray isn’t a totally absurd price for each Men in Black movie, and if you’re a collector, you get a figure of one of those aliens that makes coffee, so… not bad.  I liked the first MIB and the third one was fun, but I can’t remember a damn thing about the second installment… but then, Will Smith is so lovable and Tommy Lee Jones is awesome, so this is a solid set of flicks no matter what.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man


Not sure why you need both Blu Ray and DVD copies, but this set comes with two figures, so this seems like a good gift for kids or collectors – but I’m not sure how reasonably priced it is and I didn’t see the movie, so tread lightly.

4. The Avengers


One movie for $70?  That is balls.  Unless… maybe it has all of the Marvel Phase One movies in the set?  Na, that can’t be…  right?

3. The Hunger Games


Like Spider-Man, The Hungers Games set comes with 4 discs.  It’s just one movie!  Why so many discs?  And why is the box so big?  What’s in there, a bow and arrow?

2. Harry Potter


8 movies.  31 discs.  What.  The.  Fuck.  But yeah, there’s a chest in that box, so… whatever.

1. The Dark Knight Rises/The Dark Knight Trilogy


I’ve checked in multiple stories and everyone covers the word ‘rises’ on The Dark Knight rises boxes, just so you’re confused if you just want to buy The Dark Knight rather than The Dark Knight Rises.  Anyway, check the Harry Potter pictures and you’ll see The Dark Knight Trilogy box, which is a solid buy all around.

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