Men in Black 3 (quick movie review)

If you watched the trailer, then I’m sad to report that the graffiti alien didn’t make it into the movie. Too bad – he’s cool looking!

Any-who, I was surprised how much I enjoyed Men in Black 3. I don’t remember a thing about the second one, and although this one was very similar to the first movie, it had enough quirks to keep me interested. Will Smith is totally lovable as usual, and although I would have preferred to have more Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, Josh Brolin is excellent and does a kick ass Tommy Lee Jones impression. The movie is worth a watch for that if nothing else, because he nailed it: the voice, the facial expressions, even the subtle things we all do in between words, the sounds we make… Brolin was all over it.

The story is interesting, even if it’s full of paradoxes (some on purpose, some because I imagine producers were like, “Ugh, are you still writing? Just have Will Smith punch somebody already!”), but it was still fun. Don’t think to hard, enjoy the performances and the emotion between the characters, and I think you’ll have a good time with Men in Black 3.

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