Even a snow shovel can be extreme

Some Tuesday morning rambling for ya:

I would think that any old snow shovel would do, but these days, a snow shovel can be extreme!  Meet the diamondback snow shovel; a product so extreme that it has a snake on it! 


Now think about what it’s like to shovel snow in reality.

Less extreme, right? 

I guess that the marketing guy at Snow Shovels Inc can’t say, “It’s just a shovel, but don’t worry, people will buy it because they have to shovel snow.”  He has to come into the room screaming about how awesome the shovel is with “I am a real American” blaring out of a boom box, screaming things about “the snow master 6001!  Introduce winter to hell!

Anyway, I just thought it was funny that somebody thought a cartoon snake would increase snow shovel sales.  And I’m glad we haven’t had much on the way of snow yet.

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