Holiday Tips from an Air Hockey Game


This looks like fun, right?  I like the idea of playing air hockey on an ordinary table.  But it’s so much more than that – it has so much to teach us!


It turns out that Air Hockey games think we’re all idiots.  Check this out:

Display all of your holiday cards by using ribbon, tape and wooden clothespins to hang them or decorate your stairwell.

Well we never would have figured that one out, would we?  Brilliant!  That is Yoda like wisdom!

Build a gingerbread house and use that as your holiday table centerpiece.

Oh, that is an amazing suggestion!  Because there’s nothing easier than building a gingerbread house, but see, we screw up when we just start devouring the damn thing the second we’re finished constructing it!

Buy solid-colored wrapping paper and markers to decorate each present with a personalized holiday design.

What year do you think it is, Air Hockey game?  1991?  Are we trying to make everything funky fresh or something?  That is the lamest idea ever.

Anyway, I was going to buy this until I found their crappy advice on the back, so now I’ll never know how well it works.

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