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New Year’s Eve Party Pack


Everyone here at would like to wish you a Happy New Year and we hope you celebrate responsibly – but this party kit can suck it for reminding us that we don’t have eight friends.  Sigh… the tragedy of aging. stats for 2012 – a review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Read the rest of this entry

Silver Linings Playbook (quick movie review)

The most surprising movie of the year (for me, at least) was Silver Linings Playbook, without a doubt.

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This is 40 (quick movie review)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 50% of movie critics liked this This is 40, and I don’t think that’s a fair assessment.

But, in an effort to be fair with film reviewers, the movie does have problems, and I can see how they would take off for the following: Read the rest of this entry

REI does not F around

I don’t do much (and by much, I mean any) shopping at REI, but that store is serious.


If you buy… I don’t know, hiking sneakers from these dudes, they’re like, “Here’s a rock to try them out.”  That is crazy – and a clear sign that I have no business in their store.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie review

As we’ve already done with Star Wars, we’re going back to Middle Earth for the prequel trilogy to The Lord of the Rings and this time, we’re going to have more fun with The Hobbit. I got started on the trek last Sunday with An Unexpected Journey.

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9 Nerdy Christmas Gifts I Received

I hope everybody had a great Christmas – I sure did, as you will see.  Whoever said it is better to give than to receive didn’t get these nerdy Christmas gifts that prove once and for all that some people just get me.  Here’s what I got in no particular order:

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Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (quick movie review)

Like Arthur Christmas, Steve Guttenberg is about to become Santa Claus because his Dad is retiring – and, like The Santa Claus 2, he has to get married. And, like the lesser known Finding Mrs. Claus (oh, I’ll get to that one!), he has to go out to the real world to meet a bride because… humans and elfs don’t breed? I guess. It’s fair to say that Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus isn’t the most original movie Read the rest of this entry

The Mistle-Tones (quick movie review)

Tia Mowry faces off against cardboard cutout villain Tori Spelling in The Mistle-Tones, a somewhat self-aware comedy that is billed as a musical but is completely and totally not a musical in any way. I know, the trailer says it’s a musical in the first five seconds, but it’s not a musical. They never sing as a means of communication or about the plot and never spontaneously break out into song – they’re always rehearsing for a singing showdown that will determine who will perform at a mall on Christmas Eve. Some of the arrangements of Christmas classics are impressive (particularly The Twelve Days of Christmas – this is one of the few renditions that didn’t make me want to stick a fork in my eyes), but at times, it’s just a bunch of people singing in unison, which was an odd choice. There are a few bits that don’t make much sense – like where the hell did that parade float come from? And I guess some of the other oddness is Christmas magic… Also, you can smell the Glee all over this flick, and not in a good way.

Anyway, settle down with a few spiked soy nogs and remember that Tia Mowry has a smile that can’t be matched and forget that her life goals are sorely misguided (now have another spiked soy nog) and check out The Mistle-Tones, which I’m sure ABC Family will be running into the ground today and tomorrow. I give it a 6 out of 10.

6 Movie Box Sets Available for Christmas

From the practical to the absurd, there’s plenty of movie box sets available this Christmas. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Lights Necklace – lights up, too


I don’t know much about lady’s apparel and accessories, nor do I have a good handle on what is acceptable attire for a Christmas party… I know the model is flashed out on the cardboard backing, but she looks like she’s going to a swinging Christmas party, if you follow my meaning.  Also, it should be noted that there is a decent sized battery pack that you’ll have to accommodate on the back of your neck, so that seems like fun, too.  So… I don’t know where I’m going with this, but this necklace is probably geared at twelve-year-old girls or… someone shady, I guess.

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Christmas Carousel

A headless rider on a Christmas Carousel?  Now that is some bone chilling stuff!

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