I love it when you comment! (except when you’re spam)

I love it when you, dear readers, drop comments!  I SERIOUSLY FUCKING LOVE IT!  IT IS LIKE CRACK TO ME!  (It is like sweet, sweet heroin when you LIKE the website on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or you subscribe via email.)  However, what I don’t like is this bullshit:


Look, I understand that people have businesses to run, money to make, so on.  But seriously, if your username is “Christmas Sony Camera Deals,” then I’m pretty sure you’re spamming me for SEO purposes.  And, in general, I’m even fine with that… until I read the comment.  Then I realize that you’re probably not a legitimate business and you’re just trying to rip people off, and then I get pissed.  (In the American sense, not the British sense – I’ll get pissed in the British sense later tonight.)  You can always tell a non-USA scammer by the tell-tale grammar mistakes (and the fact that they didn’t mention anything specific to your site, never mind the specific post they commented on), but come on – “I am frequently to blogging”?  Is that the best you can do?  Friggin’ horrible.

Anyway, I marked your comment as spam.  Thanks for dropping by the site, fake business!  And to you, dear readers, thank you for your REAL comments!  Your opinions on The Hunger Games, your love of photography, your ability to call me out when I fuck up – I love it!  Keep it coming!

As for you spamming knuckleheads… I’m on to your game.  You’ve been warned.

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