Flight [not so quick movie review]

As usual, King Kong doesn’t have shit on Denzel Washington.  He’s one of those guys that’s so good, people just say, “You see that new flick with Denzel?  Denzel is the man.”  Not that we all know 20 people named Denzel, but his intimate performances elevate the need to refer to his entire name.  As per usual, he’s displaying his A game in Flight.

(Or should I say his Ace game?  Huh?  Cause he plays a pilot!  Huh?  Huh?
Ugh, that’s terrible.  Does that even count as a pun?)

I just love it when Don Cheadle shows up in a movie and tries to talk sense into people.  That dude way just built to drop reality on the protagonist.  I also enjoyed Kelly Reilly’s performance – it kinda sneaked up on me, but she blew the doors down.  John Goodman is just a funny mother fucker – at this point, when he shows up in a movie, I just never know what he’s going to do, and I guess that’s because he can do it all.   I tend to enjoy Robert Zemeckis’ movies – I like the way he movies the camera, and at this point, he’s got the whole plane crashing thing down to a science.

I’ve got a bit more to say, but it’s spoilers from here on out, so I’ll just drop the score now:  7.5 out of 10.

spoiler alert

I liked this movie a lot overall, but I liked it a lot more until the last two scenes.  Denzel Washington’s performance was excellent, but I just didn’t buy the way his character broke and reformed.  Sure, I can understand that he couldn’t sell out the woman he loved (although he just conveniently met a woman he seems to be in love with about 24 hours after the death of the aforementioned woman he wouldn’t sell out) and yeah, he did save a ton of lives and is therefore worthy of redemption, but… I just didn’t buy it.  I thought he should have sold her out and then went back to the farm to die alone.  Look at those dude who testified before Congress about doing steroids – they lied, and that was nothing.  I think, when faced with prison, someone high off their ass on coke will just lie by default to escape prison.

It’s a solid flick, but those last two scenes killed it for me.

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