The Hunger Games [quick movie review]

I finally got around to seeing The Hunger Games, and I must say, I was impressed.  The trailer did get my interest, and I’d heard it was a good watch from people I trust, but now that I’ve actually seen it – wow.  The trailers don’t do it justice.  It’s an interesting, gritty story (perhaps even shocking in some ways) with characters that are (for the most part) fun to root for or to hate.  Sure, there were a few of the kids I never felt like I got a chance to know, but you’re so rooted to the protagonist that it hardly matters.  All of the well-known actors give great supporting performances (Woody Harrelson is perfectly cast – but, he’s also just that good) and the newcomers are good, too.

This is a must see for action fans or just anyone who likes a good story.  I’d keep the smaller kids away from this one, though.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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  1. I enjoyed this too. I went in not knowing anything about the books and was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the next in the series x

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