Deadpool Goes To The Therapist [fan film]

Don’t know who Deadpool is?  This video isn’t going to help much!

Did you watch the video yet?  No?  OK, go watch the video, then read on.

Done?  OK, here’s the deal:

Deadpool is not any ordinary Marvel Comics character – besides himself speaking, Deadpool hears two distinct voices in his head.  I understand it used to be only one, but there’s certainly two now.  Anyway… that’s the joke.  He’s not talking to a therapist, he’s talking to himself.  Not a great joke, but that’s the concept we came up with and we ran with it.


see, he’s talking to himself.

This was filmed using a Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.   I used a 1000 LED light as my key light and a 500 LED light for fill in all of those shots of Deadpool on the couch.  I didn’t use any back lighting because I’m a putz – hence the shadow on the wall.  In those two shots that have little light, I used work lights that I defused with tissue paper and black paperboard.  I did all of the audio overdubs with a shotgun condenser mic plugged into an M-Audio box.   We used that same shotgun condenser mic to record the dialogue directly into the camera during shooting, but we still got a ton of noise which I believe was caused by the camera’s power supply – recording just using the camera’s battery pack yielded much better audio.  I used Adobe Audition to remove the hiss, and it worked fairly well, but not perfectly.  And for some reason, when I uploaded the video to YouTube… I don’t know… the colors lost some of their saturation.  The blacks aren’t their blackest, stuff is a little blurry… I’m not sure what happened.  I tried a few different exports from Premier, but I couldn’t solve the problem easily… so I gave up.

(If you increase your YouTube HD settings to 1080P, that helps a little.)

This was a fun video for me to make because I was able to try things I’d never done before and I wasn’t the one sweating it out in the costume.  For example, in that night shot (which was hell on earth while we were shooting it):


original shot. note the tree near our feet (that you can barely see)

I was able to first cover the tree


tree removed

and then I covered the top of my garage with this building in yet another attempt to convey that we were on top of a building.


as the shot appears in the video

I had to replace the original background behind the building with our background, but that worked out OK. Photoshop is AWESOME!
Anyway, this was a fun project and I learned a ton.  We hope you enjoyed it, too!

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