Halo 4 is awesome, but not perfect

Halo 4 is awesome, but not perfect – at least that’s what i heard from the video game website IGN. Not having played Halo since I got stuck in that hanger in Halo 2, I’m a little out of my element, but I did read the reviews, and the reviews are impressive.

But take a close look at that score – 9.8. That’s a precise score, huh? I’m not saying that video games aren’t serious business and don’t deserve a specific number grade, because they do, but think about this for a second. We can deduce that since the game is receiving the Editors’ Choice seal of approval that their system’s perfect score is a 10, but the game didn’t merit a perfect score. 10 would be perfect, but Halo 4 got a 9.8. Why not a 10? What merits a two tenths deduction? That is bizarre. Was it the packaging? Is the disc too shiny? Did Master Chief not stick the landing? If anyone knows, hit me up.  Or, if you have copy of IGN’s rubric, that’s even better!


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