Greg’s Guardian Angel [review]

gregs-guardian-angelGreg’s Guardian Angel is the newest joint venture from All Things Random Productions and Phalanx Film/Video Productions.  (If you’re not familiar with these guys, check out these posts.)  This comedic short pushes all the right buttons and does things that we haven’t seen before from this team, even if they have dabbled in religion before.

A lot of stuff is working here, and in many ways, this is their best project to date.  It does not seem as though Greg’s Guardian Angel makes any attempt at filling a specific running time nor tries to do anything it shouldn’t…  I hate to use the expression “let it be what it is,” but that’s what they did here, and it’s working.  The tone, pace, jokes and characters work very nicely as does the technical aspects.    Elmer Santos (the angel) and Greg Vorob have great chemistry, and Caitlin Winter does a great job as the love interest, even if she doesn’t have a ton to do.  This is the best directing I’ve seen Dan Kowalski do, and if you check out the earlier works by this team, you can see the arc as they continue to improve.

Right now, the video is not available to the public, but apparently, it will be someday soon.  When that happens, it’ll probably be available here.

It does feel as though they ran out of money as the story ends a bit abruptly, but Greg’s Guardian Angel shows a lot of promise and is certainly worth a look.  Oh, and check em out on Facebook.

Full disclosure:  I’m acquainted with the show’s creators and star, Greg Vorob and Dan Conrad, but I don’t think that effected my review.

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