Night of Too Many Stars Gives Promise Conan Will Dress Funny, But Not Donate Money

conan-obrien-night-of-too-many-starsConan O’Brien is part of the “Night of Too Many Stars” charity that raises money for autism.  Just to be clear – this is a good thing.  The Team Coco folks have a goal of raising $100,000 for autism, and if they hit that goal, Conan will perform an entire show rocking a spray tan and cornrows.  This premise, however, seems fundamentally flawed.


Marketing! (More on that later…)

I like Conan O’Brien a lot – just as much as I like Batman.  Still, neither are without flaw.  As you know, Batman is really Bruce Wayne, a multibillionaire with issues who spends his nights punching bad guys in the face.  While that is totally awesome, the truth is, Bruce Wayne could do infinitely more good with his vast wealth to help Gotham than he ever could as Batman via charities, urban renewal projects and so on.  Bruce Wayne’s approach to cleaning up Gotham as Batman is akin to cleaning up after a tornado with a broom and a dust pan.  Conan has the same problem with his $100,000 fund raising goal.

I’m sure you remember the whole NBC/Conan/Leno debacle – Conan didn’t walk away empty handed from that deal.  In fact, he walked away with $32.5 million dollars, which is a pretty sweet severance package, but then, that’s NBC’s bad for not having a clear late night plan, signing that contract with Conan and a host of other errors they made, but whatever.  And it’s not like Conan is at home doing nothing – he owns his new TBS show and his salary is supposedly less than $15 million but more than $10 million per year.  What I’m getting at is Conan O’Brien can probably find $100,000 between his fucking couch cushions!   Why does he need the shmucks like me who watch his show (and have very little spare money, if any) to donate when the dude could literally use dollar bills for toilet paper for the rest of his life if he felt like it?


“I could literally spend the rest of my life counting Conan’s money if he converted it to dollar bill form.”

I’m not saying that Conan should give away all his money because he’s rich, but if you’re bringing in at least $10 million a year, it seems like it’d be easy to write a check for $100,000 and then just promote the website (and other autism organizations) on his show that he owns that is broadcasted on a giant cable network.  That seems easier than a convoluted promotion featuring spray tan and corn rows which gives viewers just as much reason to watch his show as it does to donate money to autism.

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