Our 10 Favorite songs of all time contributor Nurse Becky asked me what my favorite song of all time was and I was completely and totally unable to answer the question. Not only that, but I couldn’t even pick my favorite song by a particular band. Instead, I sent her a list of 10 songs I liked with no more than 1 per band.
Here we go:

(As you can see, I’m a sucker for the classics.)

  1. a day in the life (The Beatles)
  2. heart of the sunrise (Yes)
  3. hail, hail (Pearl Jam)
    1. after much thought, I finally just picked a song… that was the case for most of these bands, but for pearl jam, i found it to be especially difficult.
  4. red barcheta (Rush)
  5. karma police (Radiohead)
  6. Screenplay (Ramon and Jessica)
    1. an obscure one… this album is called ‘Handyman’s honeymoon.” it’s pretty much all gold.
  7. hotel california (the eagles)
  8. stairway to heaven (led Zeppelin)
  9. take a bow (muse)
    1. this song is great with headphones… although most songs sound better with a really good set of headphones
  10. narcolepsy (ben folds five)
    1. this album, the unauthorized biography of reinhold mesner is FUCKING AWESOME. there is only one song on it that is kinda boring, and it’s still interesting (it’s a message Ben Folds’ dad left for him)

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